Short-Term Clinic

Two Manhattan Locations

5 Lines periodically offers a short-term clinic for affordable private sessions with an assortment of 5 Lines-affiliated Feldenkrais Practitioners and Teachers. The clinic is currently running through the end of June, 2019. Sessions are provided in our studio in Hell’s Kitchen (5 Lines West) as well as the Upper East Side office (5 Lines East). Awareness Through Movement® Teachers provide private Awareness Through Movement® lessons; Feldenkrais® Practitioners also provide Functional Integration® sessions.

The Spring Session is Currently Closed

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If you have questions please email the individual practitioner with whom you’d like to book.

Guidelines for Booking


Sessions are $80 and last about 50-55 minutes.


Appointments must be booked online using the black buttons below.


Our Clinic runs out of two locations, 5 Lines East at 341 East 79th St., Suite 207 and 5 Lines West at 330 West 38th St., Suite 1205. Please see below for staff member availability at each location.


Margaret Pierpont, GCFP

Margaret Pierpont, GCFP, has had a life-long interest in the body-mind relationship and extensive experience in dance, yoga, relaxation techniques, and meditation. A former magazine editor in Manhattan, she appreciates the stresses of sedentary, high-pressure professions and finds Feldenkrais® the ideal antidote. She divides her time and teaching between Manhattan and Rhinebeck, New York.

Wednesdays (11am-4pm) at 5 Lines East


Robert ‘Buddy’ Valdez, Jr, A.T.M.® Teacher

Robert Valdez, affectionately known as “Buddy”, has been a life-long mover. Buddy is a Juilliard graduate, professional dancer, yogi, martial arts enthusiast, and all around movement junkie. The Feldenkrais Method® has continued to inform, build, and enhance his passion for movement. He is honored to join people on their self-improvement and movement journeys.

Mondays (1-5pm) at 5 Lines West
Thursdays (10am-2pm) at 5 Lines East
Fridays (1-6pm) at 5 Lines West


Eric de Rolland, A.T.M.® Teacher

Eric has been training in the Feldenkrais Method® since 2015. Along with Feldenkrais® work, he currently practices occupational therapy with infants and children and has adult experience in a rehabilitation hospital. His specialties include working with neurological and orthopedic movement concerns for the purpose of improved daily functioning. Combining his training in various disciplines; Advanced Practice Neuroscience, Kinesiology, Aikido, and meditation practice; he uses his Feldenkrais training to help enhance wellness and quality of life.

Mondays (5-8pm) at 5 Lines West
Wednesdays (5-8pm) at 5 Lines East
Thursdays (4:30-7pm) at 5 Lines East


Tiina Dohrmann, A.T.M.® Teacher

Tiina’s lifelong interest in physical arts has taken her from gymnastics, dance, and choreography, through various hands-on therapeutic modalities; including Massage Therapy, Zero Balancing, Watsu and other aquatic movement techniques. These experiences have led her to pursue the Feldenkrais Method® with a commitment to facilitating the awakening of bodily resourcefulness and creativity with her clients.

Sundays (12pm-5pm) at 5 Lines West
Tuesdays (1pm-4pm) at 5 Lines East


Janet Steele, GCFP

Janet Steele, GCFP, has always been interested in movement explorations and the mind-body connection. She comes to the Feldenkrais Method® with a background as a professional singer and voice teacher.  “I find that Feldenkrais offers a wonderful opportunity for you to explore and access your greatest potential, whether you are someone dealing with physical issues, stress and pain; or someone working at the cutting edge of your field interested in expanding, improving, and getting more satisfaction out of what you do.”

Mondays (9am-12pm) at 5 Lines West
Fridays (9am-12pm) at 5 Lines West