5 Lines Feldenkrais

5 Lines of the human body: 2 legs, 2 arms, 1 spine

Why was 5 Lines created?

5 Lines was created to bring you the highest quality Feldenkrais® experience possible, including Private Sessions, Courses, and the unique innovation of an integrated Fitness Program.

Who founded 5 Lines?

Each of the 5 Lines founders is dedicated to the idea that Feldenkrais represents a revolution in human health and self understanding. They believe, however, that is not yet well known or understood because of a shortage of effective practitioners, and they want to solve this problem. Moshé Feldenkrais developed his method in the 1950s and 1960s, and predicated the method on ideas like neuroplasticity and the functional application of neurological phenomena. These ideas have continued to be proven out through the advancement of neuroscience and are now widely accepted. The 5 Lines founders have set out to create the world's premier center for providing high quality Feldenkrais work to the public. To learn more about the founders see our Team page.

Why do we call ourselves 5 Lines?

Often in Feldenkrais® we encourage students to attend to the five simple cardinal lines of the body, namely, the arms, legs, and the line of the spine from the pelvis to the head. We've chosen this motif as our company name, and to us it signifies the transformative potential of Feldenkrais work. By attending to the five lines we create a simple mental model of the body that allows us to more easily attend to the movement of our whole selves all at once. Starting from such a basic visualization allows us to develop a new sense of ourselves and to learn a way of moving that is free of many of the habits and tendencies that once got in our way.


Why are we different?

  • 5 Lines focuses on a customized experience. Every client begins with a first session including a consultation with a senior practitioner to determine the best path forward.
  • All of our courses are semi-private (three student maximum) so that the practitioner can focus on your specific needs and build a curriculum that will work for you.
  • Our unique fitness courses are designed to integrate with your Feldenkrais experience so that you can measure your progress and learn to take full advantage of what you are learning.
  • We choose only the best practitioners and constantly strive to improve their skills. Every practitioner undergoes extensive and continual post-graduate training at 5 Lines so that we can ensure that practitioners are ready to provide you with the best experience possible.
  • Our practitioners always work in consultation with a senior practitioner on every single case