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Joshua Wolk

Senior Practitioner

Lauren Wolk

Senior Practitioner

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Joshua Wolk

Senior Practitioner

Janice Lee, Attorney, Mother of four

I had been diagnosed with scoliosis in the 1960s and, over the decades, the condition worsened to the point that I experienced persistent pain in my back, hip and leg. The pain was fatiguing and debilitating and limited my ability to sit, stand, walk, carry and lie down and required me to curtail my activities even while running a household with four children. Pleasurable, recreational activities that I had enjoyed when young, such as hiking, scuba diving, going on long walks and wandering through museums, became off limits. Sleep was not restful because of muscle pain and spasms.

Within my first few sessions with Josh I realized that neuroplasticity is the key to my physical health, that Josh is a master practitioner of the Feldenkrais method, and that my life was changing for the better in a way that, up until that point, I had not thought possible.

It has now been two years since I met Josh. Not only do I no longer live with persistent pain, but also my freedom of movement and my strength continue to increase. Moreover, my other exercise is more productive with Feldenkrais as a foundation on which to build. Just as significantly, I am now optimistic that I will be able to live not just a more pain-free life but a fuller and more active life. It is an understatement to say that Josh has changed my life.

Here are some examples of my increased activities:

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 14 people without experiencing pain;
Sitting through two 3+ hour Shakespearean productions in the same day without pain;
Walking around a museum and viewing art until my mind was full;
Traveling with minimal discomfort;
Walking up and down sand dunes on Cape Cod with ease;
Hiking a loop trail in Iceland to a glacier and back.

What’s next?

- Janice Lee, Attorney, Mother of four

Steven Poskar, M.D., Bodybuilder

As a physician I knew intellectually that Feldenkrais made sense. I guess that’s why despite not making a dent in my severe, chronic neck pain I kept going back to it seeing many well known practitioners for hundreds of lessons over years. I also didn’t have many other options after four neck surgeries left me in constant pain making life truly no longer worth living.

I’d seen the top pain doctors in New York and beyond. Dozens of pain medications had been tried as well as many procedures including epidural steroid injections, facet joint injections and platelet rich plasma injections. Nothing helped. It was suggested I consider having a pain pump implanted inside my abdomen with a catheter that would deliver pain medication directly to the area around my spinal cord in the location of the pain.

Upon meeting Josh three things were apparent. He was really smart, really thorough and really cared that I’d been suffering for so long. After just one lesson I felt my body was moving differently, I’d never felt that before despite hundreds of lessons. We continued to work together consistently over months.

Then one day at work I noticed something, I wasn’t in pain. We continued to work and soon those pain free periods were much more common than the painful ones.

Like Mozart had for music and Michael Jordan had for basketball, Josh Wolk has a gift for the Feldenkrais Method and not a day goes by where I am not thankful he does because he used it to truly save my life.

– Steven Poskar, M.D., Bodybuilder

Catherine Gobron, Entrepreneur

I really didn’t know what to expect from Feldenkrais. I went into my first session with Josh hoping for some eventual lessening from long-term pain and limited mobility. I was thrilled and surprised by the immediate results. I did not know that such expansion and spaciousness was within me. I became taller and more open. My posture has changed entirely, a major improvement.

– Catherine Gobron, Entrepreneur

Lizzy Tyler-Majka, Professional Dancer and Yoga Instructor

Josh possesses a rare combination of total mastery and humble curiosity. His profound skill level and intrinsic compassion provide a safe space for healing and deepening one's experiential wisdom of embodiment. When I was in physical crisis and could not move from my back seizing up, my session with Josh provided immediate, effective, and permanent relief. My work with him at that time also offered insight into the underlying causes of my pain, as well as to the possibilities of new, healthier patterns of movement.

– Lizzy Tyler-Majka, Professional Dancer and Yoga Instructor

Lauren Wolk

Senior Practitioner

Nerissa Nields, Professional Musician

After years of chronic shoulder/rhomboid pain from a lifetime of guitar playing and keyboard “hunch,” and after exploring every other kind of bodywork, I finally had a breakthrough at the hands of Lauren Wolk and Feldenkrais. Lauren is deeply intuitive and highly skilled, and in just 3 sessions I am pain-free. She listened carefully to my story, and then “spoke” to my nervous system via the suggestions of her positionings. I would recommend her to anyone.

– Nerissa Nields, Professional Musician

Susan Sommers, Professional Pilates Instructor

The first time I walked into Lauren’s office I started to cry. I was physically and emotionally distraught. My body was tense from head to toe, I was miserable in my own skin. My neck in particular has been a lifetime problem. I am a Pilates teacher who was no longer finding joy in movement. Lauren heard me. I felt comforted by her gentle nature. She had me lie on her table and she made me as comfortable as possible. Then she took over and gently moved me. I left my first session feeling calm and hopeful. Four months after my initial session I can see that Lauren and Feldenkrais was my missing link. I can’t get enough. Lauren is warm, caring, and encouraging. I see her weekly and will continue to see her as my movement teacher. I’ve incorporated Feldenkrais into my Pilates practice and teaching. It has been a game-changer for me, and now my clients. Movement with ease!

– Susan Sommers, Professional Pilates Instructor

Molly Schaffner


Carly Czach, Registered Yoga Teacher

It has been a joy working with Molly Schaffner. Her sensitive touch, and warm, encouraging demeanor set the tone for a generous process of awareness and healing. Molly helped reveal to me unconscious physical and mental patterning that was having a negative impact on my quality of life, shining a light on blind spots that have since changed my sense of self and reducing chronic pain. Molly creates the ideal container for learning, acceptance and growing, and I can’t recommend her work enough.

– Carly Czach, Registered Yoga Teacher

Richard Shaw, Certified Advanced Rolfer

I have been guided by Molly through a number of Awareness Through Movement classes and additionally have worked one on one with her from my home over video conferencing. She has a lovely voice and presence which makes the lesson time feel deeply restorative and relaxing. Also her knowledge of the work and ability to explain things in a clear and encouraging way make for a fun and insightful class time. Working with Molly I have noticed changes in how my body feels and moves that have given me new options and have gone well beyond what I had hoped I might achieve.

– Richard Shaw, Certified Advanced Rolfer

Christopher Tweed-Kent


Peter Gadol, Author

I had never had much success with massage therapies or chiropractors or acupuncture to alleviate tension and pain (often I ended up feeling worse), so I was skeptical about trying another modality. But when Chris told me the story about how he was able to recover from chronic pain through Feldenkrais, I became intrigued. He suggested I try a private session and walked me through what to expect from the experience, describing in clear detail what the practitioner would be doing and—importantly for me—why. The result was that during the session I was completely relaxed and available to learn more about my habits of movement. And I left feeling rejuvenated and more at home in my body than I had in years. I am grateful to Chris for introducing me to a movement therapy I never would have tried without his encouragement. It's been life changing.

– Peter Gadol, Author

Ananth Balakrishnan, Financial Investor

I have a stressful job as an investor and I found myself feeling worse physically after a tough day. I heard about Feldenkrais Method and its ability to help change the way you use your body to feel better, but I was not really sure it could help me. I decided to try it but did not know where to begin. Chris shared his own success story, explained the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method, and set up a First Session for me with Lauren Wolk. I could not be more grateful for the work 5 Lines is doing to help people like me feel better. 

– Ananth Balakrishnan, Financial Investor