What is a Feldenkrais Private Session?

Private Sessions are focused on your specific needs and difficulties and are tailored exactly to your movement patterns. Your practitioner will gently explore your specific movement patterns and facilitate new ways to move. You will leave with less pain, improved performance, and a renewed sense of what it means to be in your own body.

Length: 55 minutes           Price: $80 to $250

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What happens in your first session?

We understand it can be difficult trying something new, especially if you've been dealing with chronic pain or other complex issues. That's why your practitioner will aim to understand your needs and provide you with a plan in your first session.

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We listen to you.

We will listen and ask clarifying questions to understand what led you to come see us.

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We observe you.

Our practitioners will give you a hands-on assessment which will help them give shape to your individual plan, and you'll feel what Feldenkrais work is like.


Together we make a plan.

At the end of the first session you will have a customized plan to guide you toward comfort, strength and improved movement.

With whom should I schedule my first session?


Joshua Wolk

Josh is our most senior practitioner. He has extensive experience working with all kinds of people and a wide variety of problems. He currently works with any kind of person or problem, but his background in martial arts and extensive knowledge of the mechanics of movement make him especially effective with functional movement problems and improving high performance endeavors.


Lauren Wolk

Lauren’s warmth creates a deeply safe environment for learning. She works with all people and all problems, but her extensive understanding of anxiety, trauma and self image makes her an especially ideal consultant for people who are seeking to improve in those areas.

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Molly Schaffner

Molly is a practitioner who brings a warm and gentle approach to every session. As a dancer, Molly learned how to change her movement patterns to more easily and effectively dance. Molly now facilitates similar change in others so clients can achieve their movement goals, whether climbing a mountain or moving gracefully with a walker.

How many sessions should I sign up for?

1 session

Experience Feldenkrais

One session allows you to experience the format of a private session, have your questions answered, and receive a plan for feeling better.  


  • Senior Practitioner: $250

  • Practitioner: $150

3 sessions (most popular)

Learn if Feldenkrais is right for you

Three sessions provide you with the opportunity to see how much you will benefit from Feldenkrais. This is the most popular way to start and is only offered for new clients. 

Price (intro only):

  • Senior Practitioner: $165

    • $500 in total

  • Practitioner: $120

    • $360 in total

10 sessions

Commit to substantial change

Ten sessions is what we consider a round of treatment. It is enough time to change habits that you may have developed for decades, the same habits which may be causing you pain. Clients typically purchase this after first doing a three session intro. 


  • Senior Practitioner: $210

    • $2,100 in total

  • Practitioner: $140

    • $1,400 in total

Long Term Treatment Options

Many conditions require regular treatment over an extended period of time, so we offer the following options for people who commit to regular sessions and purchase in advance:

Three Sessions/Week for Three Months

  • Senior Practitioner: $170

    • $6,460 in total

  • Practitioner: $112

    • $4,255 in total

  • 38 Sessions - 12.5 weeks

  • 14 weeks to use your sessions

Two Sessions/Week for Three Months

  • Senior Practitioner: $175

    • $4,375 in total

  • Practitioner: $116

    • $2,900 in total

  • 25 Sessions - 12.5 weeks

  • 14 weeks to use your sessions

One Session/Week for Three Months

  • Senior Practitioner: $180

    • $2,340 in total

  • Practitioner: $120

    • $1,560 in total

  • 13 Sessions - 13 weeks

  • 14 weeks to use your sessions