Common Cases

Read about who benefits from Feldenkrais®.



Feldenkrais is well known for its effectiveness in helping people with pain, whether acute or chronic. Many of our clients come for brief periods to help with a discrete short-term problem like an injury, while others are dealing with more complex issues and long-term chronic pain. Feldenkrais work is not a replacement for medical care, but it can be a powerful supplement and we have helped many people who haven't otherwise been able to find relief.

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Trauma & Anxiety

Feldenkrais is used by many people to help reduce the habitual body patterns associated with anxiety and trauma. Re-experiencing your body in a safe environment allows you to accelerate your recovery and learn to reduce the experience of feelings of anxiety in more stressful situations.



More efficient movement means avoiding a lot of the problems that begin to become more prominent as we age. Feldenkrais allows us to rediscover ways of moving we thought were lost forever and allows us to feel younger than we believed we could.

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Athletes, actors, dancers, singers, musicians and performers of all stripes can find ways to improve their skill by reducing the effects of habits, biases, and tendencies while also making new discoveries that lead to better movement and better results.




The Feldenkrais Method is widely used for helping children and adults with motor development problems, cognitive struggles, and the difficulties associated with disorders that make communication and connecting with others problematic.

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Know Thyself

Feldenkrais is a powerful way to better understand the self. Many people simply use the method as a tool for self exploration and development like yoga, martial arts and meditation.



The list above is not an exhaustive list of cases we have seen but only the most common cases we encounter. We realize that you may have rare or unique issues so we will adjust our work to your specific needs. The Feldenkrais Method deals with the way the nervous system organizes itself to accomplish everything we do, and so the only limit to its potential applications is the imagination and intelligence of the practitioner. We encourage you to let the Senior Practitioners with whom you have your first session know if you have any concerns about how Feldenkrais might benefit you.