Feldenkrais News

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New York Times

Jane E. Brody

"I had long refrained from writing about this method of countering pain because I thought it was some sort of New Age gobbledygook with no scientific basis. Boy, was I wrong! The Feldenkrais Method is one of several increasingly popular movement techniques, similar to the Alexander Technique, that attempt to better integrate the connections between mind and body. By becoming aware of how one’s body interacts with its surroundings and learning how to behave in less stressful ways, it becomes possible to relinquish habitual movement patterns that cause or contribute to chronic pain."

The Brain's Way of Healing

Norman Doidge, M.D. 

"He developed a method that integrated the role of mental awareness, brain function and the body, to heal himself, and then others. One of his chief contributions was to understand that in injury or illness, the brain areas that process movement and sensation in the body become underutilized, and waste away in the 'use it or lose it brain.' The brain processing areas lose the ability to encode fine detail, and hence become 'undifferentiated' with disuse. By doing slow movements, with great awareness, he found he was able to 're-differentiate' brain processing areas, and radically improve function."